3 best data recovery software

3 best data recovery software

Data recovery is a very sensitive issue. There are several data recovery software that actually works. If you, for example, accidentally delete some files then it is possible to recover your files using recovery software. The data recovery market is very competitive and there are many products out there. Most are paid, though, some of them are free. Some of the software offer free trial periods during which you can recover small amount of data like 64KB. Your data requires the best solutions possible. Here are the top 3 recovery software.

Wondershare Data Recovery [Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS]


It uses modern advance tech metrics to recover various kinds of data from damaged disk drives and storage devices. This software can recover more than 550 unique file formats with support for various file types in the form of emails, audio files, photos, videos, etc. This data recovery solution is available fro all platform and to various users.

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery [Windows, Mac, Linux & OpenServer]


This software is best for recovering files, photos and all kinds of data from HDD and other Disk Storage devices. It is possible to recover a large amount of data and it works with different operating systems. The software has a trial version.

JFileRecovery deluxe [Windows, Mac & Linux]


This software will help you to secure data from a damaged disk drive waiting fro disk read error prompts. This is a great data recovery software for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Apart from these data recovery software, there are other software too that are good at data recovery. You can read reviews online and select the one suitable for you. It is better if you use the trial versions of the software to find out if the software is appropriate for your work.

What to do when you get the BSOD on your Windows?

What to do when you get the BSOD on your Windows?

Our computer is full of very important data and files. We store all our personal and business data on our computer, including photos and videos. If you don’t create regular backups, then the data can be lost very easily. When you get the BSOD or blue screen on your computer, you need to take certain measures.

Recreating the problem

If you can recall what you were doing or which program you were running when you got BSOD, then it will help you to know what created the problem. Recreate the process and if you still end up with BSOD, then you know that one of the software that you were using is probably creating the problem. If you can suspect what might have gone wrong then you can narrow down your suspects and will be able to eventually identify the problem.

Checking the code

Sometimes, you will get an error code displayed at the bottom of the message in case of BSOD. Write the code down and search it on Google to find out what the code means. This will help you in diagnosing the problem.

Check for any changes made

Try to find out whether you have made any recent changes in your computer. May be you have installed a new software of have upgraded your existing ones. If the BSOD occurs while you are loading a program or using it, then you can uninstall the program and try reinstalling it.

Updating drivers

If you have any dodgy graphics card drivers, then these might be the cause of experiencing BSOD. In such case, you might write to a related forum and ask for help. You can uninstall the driver as well.

Updating Windows

You need to check whether Windows is up-to-date or not. If not, you must update it, else you will face problems like BSOD.

Check hardware

You can check your hardware to see if everything is in place or not. For example, if a card is not fully pushed in to the slot, then it may cause BSOD.

Try each of these steps one by one if you experience BSOD. You will surely be able to identify the cause of such occurrence.

4 tips to prevent digital data loss

4 tips to prevent digital data loss

Preventing data loss is always better than spending your time and money in finding out how to get your data back from your failed hard drive. In order to avoid data loss situation, you can take the following measures.


Having backup is the best way to prevent data loss and avoid expensive recovery. Backup means keeping at least one copy of the original data in a different media. You must store the backup on an off-site location. This will help to protect your data in case of a disaster or fire. One of the reasons why people are often reluctant to take backup is that you need to stop your work in order to take the backup. It is often time consuming. But if you have a backup then you can get your original data back even if it gets lost.

Practice good working habits

You should use the correct steps while working on your computer. This will help you to prevent data loss and also increase the chance of successful data recovery in case data is lost. You should partition your drive into a program and data zone. If you have problem with your programs, then you can still recover your data. You should keep your file names and directories simple so that taking backup to other media is easy. If you are done with your work, switch off the computer. Don’t put it on power saver mode for the whole night. This has greater chance of damages.

Use anti-virus software

Anti-virus software protects your computer against malicious computer viruses. Some of these viruses can modify or delete your data causing your computer to crash. Many viruses now spread through the Internet. You should use anti-virus software in order to protect your computer from losing data. Make sure you update your anti-virus software regularly.

Use UPS to protect against power surges

You need an uninterrupted power supply to protect your computer and data at the time of a power failure. If you have a UPS, then it will give you enough time to save your documents and shut down your computer properly. This way, you will not lose any files.

Use these tips to prevent any loss of data during any power failure, disaster or hard drive crash. These habits can save you a lot of money as you won’t need to make any expensive recovery efforts.